10pcs T Slot Aluminum Profile Carbon Steel L-Shape Brackets 90 Degree Interior Corner Connector Silver Tone (EU 4040)


EU-2020, EU-3030 and EU-4040 for your choice to connect different profiles, EU-2020 is for profiles with 6mm slot while EU-3030 and EU-4040 are for that with 8mm slot.The EU-3030 is suitable for 3040, so it is marked as 3040

Material: Carbon steel
Surface Finishing: Nickel plating
Type: EU-2020, EU-3030, EU-4040 (Optional)
Quantity: 10pcs

Package Included:
10 x Brackets

Product Features

  • High quality carbon steel material, durable and solid, long service life
  • Nickel plating surface for good rust resistance and better performance
  • Widely used to reinforce right angle corner joints of aluminum extrusion profiles
  • There are total 10 pieces of brackets in one pack that you can use for many projects
  • Three type: EU-2020, EU-3030, EU-4040 (Optional)

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