AptoFun Metal- Aluminum Filament (1,75mm, 25g, 180°C – 210°C) with premium quality for 3D Printer( MakerBot RepRap MakerGear Ultimaker etc.) / 3D pins

filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Dimensional accuracy: +/- 0.03 mm
commending extrusion / die temperature: 180 °C – 210 °C
Recommended speed: 50mm / s
ideal storage temperature: 5-30 degrees
ideal storage humidity: 45% -75%
Aptotec 3D printer filament provides high quality ABS / PLA / PVA / HIPS / PETG / TPU and wooden 3D filament with vivid colors, especially metal / Silk filament. This allows you to professionally realize your ideas and concepts.
The filament is always round, with no oily residue, without bubbles.
We will soon have a filament 1 Kg / coil in the range. The current product is to try out. If you are happy with it, just contact us (e-mail in profile).

Product Features

  • Contains 30-40% metal powder (Alu)
  • Bright color, Low shrinkage, high strength
  • printing just like PLA Filament,not having to heat printer bed.
  • The surface of 3D product is smooth, strong sense of metal, can also be polished.
  • 1,75mm, 25g, 180°C – 210°C

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