ARCTIC Alpine M1 – 50 Watts Whisper-Quiet CPU Cooler for AMD Socket AM1 – Easy installation and long service life

Cooling Performance with Margin
The cooling performance of the Alpine M1 is more than sufficient to keep every AM1 CPU at bay by margin and cools efficiently even the most power hungry AM1 APU.

Cooling performance & noise level on AMD Athlon 5350 Quad-Core (full load)
Alpine M1 (750 RPM)
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>46 °C
>0.05 Sone

Stock cooler (4000 RPM, non PWM, unregulated)
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>46 °C
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>0.4 Sone

Whisper quiet
An 80 mm low speed fan delivers the desired airflow and pressure without producing any audible noise. Even under full load it generates only 0.1 Sone.

Outstanding Service Life
The low speed not only reduces the noise level to a minimum but also translates into excellent wear protection for a significantly longer service life.

Easy Installation
The quick and easy mounting system provides excellent stability and merely takes a few minutes. Thanks to the pre-applied MX-2 thermal compound, a quick and clean installation is guaranteed!

Compatibility: AMD Socket AM1
Max. Cooling Performance: 50 Watts
Heatsink Type:Aluminum Extrusion
Fan Diameter: 80mm
Fan Speed: 750 RPM
Noise Level: 0.1 Sone @ 750 RPM
Current / Voltage: 0.030A / 12 V
Bearing: Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Size & Weight:80x80x41mm @ 172g

Product Features

  • Whisper-Quiet CPU Cooler for AMD Socket AM1
  • 80 mm low-speed Fan
  • Long service life with Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan
  • Simple and clean installation
  • Pre-applied MX-2 High Performance Thermal Compound

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3 Responses to ARCTIC Alpine M1 – 50 Watts Whisper-Quiet CPU Cooler for AMD Socket AM1 – Easy installation and long service life

  1. SYNTHEMATIX says:

    Fantastic Silence & Performance I ordered one of these from SCAN, it is great. I built a music player computer with the athlon 5350 and 4gb ddr3 ram, (as there arent really any hifi seperates on the market that do what i want) and the rajintek metis case, oh its a thing of beauty having a completely fanless system (100% silent at all times) I sprayed this heatsink with transparent red to match eveything else, it looks superb, and even when the 5350 is overclocked to 2.35GHz it never goes above 39.5c, my motherboard is the…

  2. julian c says:

    and my 5150 AMD AM1 APU never gets over 35oC Easy to fit

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a amazing cooler, I decided to build a new htpc that was to be totally silent, so case cpu and cooler were researched and selected, as I used amd apu 5350 before and rate it so highly, I bought this cooler to see if it could do the job, well it did, not only does, it excels. While every build will give varying results, using the specs below, I have tried to cook it running all the stress tests available to me, running the cpu at 100% for 30 minutes resulted (at first build) a maximum…

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