NW 1776 2018 Christmas, New Year’s Day, Aluminum Foil Letter Balloon Party Decorated 8 feet x 6.5 feet (New Year style 1)

【Product specifications】 (due to the different measurement methods, the size will be error, please the actual product as the final standard)
【Special Note】:
(1) because the aluminum balloon ball is not contraction, to the aluminum balloon inflatable must be slow, can be filled with 90% of the pump, and then slowly inflated, so as not to break. If you encounter a 2-layer aluminum film sticky situation, be sure to stop inflating, gently hand to pull the two layers of aluminum and then inflated, or easy to damage.
(2) sharp objects, dirty ground, direct sunlight and excessive extrusion are easy to damage the ball, burst
(3) due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the gas, winter or air temperature should be appropriate to the aluminum balloon inflatable; summer or temperature rise, the appropriate to the aluminum balloon deflated, so as not to break. Generally filled with helium or hydrogen can float for 6-14 hours, so helium or hydrogen must be used in the day of red (when filling the hydrogen must pay attention to safety Oh!
【Use】aluminum ball break can only use the traditional charge of hydrogen, technical improvements automatically sealed, the pump can be inflated, so even if the pro-no hydrogen can still play.
【On the bad rate of any balloon】 can not guarantee 100%, bad rate of about 1% -3%
【Note】 children under 8 years of age to be used under the supervision of adults, balloon broken immediately after the discard. Try to use inflatable tube inflatable, inflatable balloon Do not close to the eyes
【On the leak】high temperature, exposure, friction, beat, squeeze, etc. will lead to leakage or blasting, the preservation time depends on the above factors
【Tips】 If you use the process of accidentally broken, you can immediately use a transparent adhesive and add gas, you can rest assured that the use of

Product Features

  • 1.Christmas and New Year parties as decorations and scenery
  • 2.WYSIWYG: Contains all the letter balloons, balloons, balloons and trim bands and extra spare balloons in the picture. The overall size of the layout is about 8 feet x 6.5 feet
  • 3.An additional air pump for inflating balloons and dispensing or double-sided adhesive for fixing balloons
  • 4.”2018″ “Happy New Year” “Christmas” Each letter is a 16-inch luxury aluminum foil balloon
  • 5.One-stop shopping experience, a complete solution to the program, we choose to choose equal consideration

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