SYMTOP Servo Pack Add-On 3-in-1 Pack Aluminum Extrusion Anodized Surface Education Robot for Children – Blue + Black

. Aluminum extrusion, anodized surface
. One part makes the most popular mbot move with legs
. Most enjoyable and funny tool for learning programming
. For children and adult
. Promote creativity
This is an Add-on Pack/Expansion Pack for mBot, the mBot in the picture is not included.
Color: Multicolor
Model: N/A
Material: Metal
Quantity: 1 set
Compatible Model: Makeblock mBot
Packing List: 1 x 9g Servo pack
1 x RGB-LED V1.1
1 x RJ25 Adapter
1 x Wrench M5+M7
2 x 6P6C Cable -20cm-black
2 x Plastic Ring
2 x Bracket 3*3
2 x Plate I1 -blue
4 x cuttable linkage (blue)
4 x Brass Stud M4*25
10 x Nut M4
20 x Screws M4*8

Product Features

  • MBOT SERVO PACK: mBot servo pack is a 3-in-1 pack based on mBot. You can construct “Dancing Cat”,”Head-Shaking Cat” and “Light-Emitting Cat” with the components and mBot in the pack.
  • THE FIRST CAT: Dancing Cat.Dancing cat dances with music, waving little claw, calling you home.
  • THE SECOND CAT: Head-Shaking Cat.Looking around for you with its big eyes.Cute, lively and cheerful.
  • THE THIRD CAT: Light-Emitting Cat.A nice cat brightens up your life.The light pierces the darkness.It’s brighter in the sun.
  • INTERESTING: mBot servo pack makes mBot more vivacious and enjoyable, which is of benefit to children’s creative thinking.

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