[OUTLINE] U-shape / V-shape Aluminum Channel – LED Aluminum Extrusion for Flex/hard LED Strip Light White / milk Cover (24.5×15-U)

This LED profile is an innovative way to create your own light fixtures with LED strip light.
Recessed design
Anodized for durability
Low power for safe
Easy to install
Widely use
1. Kitchen cabinets LED lighting
2. Furniture interior lighting
3. Ceiling/Floor decorative LED lighting
4. Shop shelf and supermall LED lighting
5. Shelf and Exhibition stands LED lighting
These high quality profiles provide a unique way to make use of linear low voltage lighting and are the designer’s choice for creating
light fixtures for commercial and residential LED strip lighting.
This aluminum channel will secure your LED strip light in a revolutionary way. Slots on the edge of channel make it easy to slide in PC cover.
Oyster white PC cover will soften the light, along with the customized deeper channel to create an emanational neon effect.
This kit includes the channel, covers, caps, and mounting clips needed for a complete aluminum channel installation.
It can be used extensively in window, counter, store front and door frames.
Tip:this channel is sold by meter. You can add as many meters as you need and connect them together seamlessly.

Height: 15mm /0.6 inch
Inner diameter: 12.2mm/0.5 inch
Outer dimeter: 17.5mm/0.7inch.

Package including:
1x 1 meter Aluminum
1x 1 meter white/milk PC cover
2x mounting clips
2x plastic end caps (with hole or Without hole)


Product Features

  • •Available length 1m / 2m / 2.5m
  • •15mm RECESSED LED profile
  • •Available diffuser Frosted / Clear
  • •High quality aluminum
  • •Easy to install

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