Stair Tread Edges/Angles (20 mm X 40 mm) Anodized Aluminum Extrusions, Drilled, Dark Bronze

This stair edge with the dimensions 20 x 40 mm produced from high quality anodised aluminium is an angle profile with an attached on the top of the ribs, which with the dimensions of 20 x 40 mm a width of 40 mm and a height of 20 mm has. The aluminium-Treppenkante persuades with its high resilience and with excellent adaptation to the subsurface. By the noble optics and attractive shape that will fit well within your premises Angle Aluminium Profile. The affixed to the top edge provides an optimal skid resistance and so gives protection and safety. Another advantage of this is the no-skid Treppenkante, easily and yet stable. Through the use of high-quality aluminum remains the Alu-Treppenkante rustproof and also guarantees a high durability during heavy load with long lifespan.

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