3D Printer, OUTAD High Precision Desktop Aluminium Profile Extrusion P802M 3D Printer Kits with Secure Digital Memory SD Card(8GB) Extruder Nozzle Acrylic Frame LCD Screen Plastic Wheel with Bearings Size 220*220*240 mm Support ABS/PLA/HIP/PP/Wood Filament

❦Print speed:40-120mm/s
❦Layer thickness:0.1-0.4mm
❦Filament diameter:1.75mm
❦Print accuracy:X,Yaxis0.012mmZaxis0.004mm

Package included:
❦1xBottom Plate
❦2xBase Frame Holder
❦2xJunction Plate
❦1xHot bed platform
❦6xSliding Rod Restriction
Heating End
❦1xPrint Plat form(Aluminium)
❦1xX-axis Motor Mount
❦1xX-axis Pulley Mount
❦2xX-axis Sliding Rod(M8x443mm)
❦1xX-axis Motor(with2GTGear)
❦1xX-axis Timing Belt
❦1xX-axis Limit Switch
❦1xY-axis Motor Support
❦1xY-axis Motor Holder
❦1xY-axis Limit Switch Holder
❦1xY-axis Motor(with2GTGear)
❦2xY-axis Sliding Rod
❦1xY-axis Limit Switch
❦1xY-axis Timing Belt
❦1xY-axis Belt Pulley Wheel
❦6xZ-axis Motor Support
❦2xZ-axis Motor(With coupling)
❦2x Z-axis Screw Arbor(M8x345mm)
❦2x Z-axis Sliding Rod(M8x380mm)
❦1xZ-axis Limit Switch
❦1xLCD Display(Assembled)
❦1x Control Board
❦1x Heat bed
❦1x Cooling fan
❦1x Power Supply
❦2xDC Power Wire(Red&Black)
❦1xPower cord
❦1xLCD cable
Feeding Support
❦2xFrame Fixed Link
❦1xPlastic Pipe holder
❦2xFilament Support Frame
❦1xPlastic Pipe
❦1xMicro SDcard
❦1xHexagon Socket Key
❦1xFlat Blade Screwdriver
❦1xCross head Screwdriver
❦2xScrew Arbor(Base)M8/400mm
❦3xSC8UU bearing
❦58xM3x20mm Screw
❦2xM2.5x10mm Black screw
❦12xM8 Nuts
❦12xM8 Cushion ring
❦4xM3x14mm screw
❦4xThumb Nuts
❦4xCompression springs

Product Features

  • ❦This 3D printer cabling reasonable so the appearance look clean and tidy. LCD screen, English interface, 5 keys for easy operation, support SD card and off-line printing. Full Metal Extruder, adjustable extrusion power. Wide range power supply tunable 110V/220V with short circuit and overload protection, 100% full-load burn-in test.
  • ❦High precision DIY semi-industrial grade 3D Printer, large print Size 220*220*240mm. Supports varieties of materials: PLA, ABS, HIPS, Flex,wood, Nylon etc. Our printer is very popular all around the world, applied to wide fields such as household, education, engineer, medical treatment, product prototype design.
  • ❦High performance Melzi 2.0_V5 main board with more stabilization. MK8 Nozzle J-heat hot end,universal extruder, dual cooling fans makes printing better. MK3 hotbed: temperature 0-110℃ aluminium board and hotbed 2 in 1 heating fast and evenly. High power supply heating faster and the printing quality is better.
  • ❦3D printer nozzle is 0.3 mm, making printing more elaborate. Mould parts for Z-axis and three slide blocks for extruder to make the printer more stable. Running faster and has low noise. Most parts of the machine have been assembled, and we can provide a detailed video of installation,so the installation process will be simple and fast.
  • ❦Compatible with many 3D filament types, such as ABS, PLA, HIP, WOOD,PC,PVC,PP and Nylon etc. Wide application for printing 3D toys, teaching equipment, and other technological devices, great for stimulate users’ creativity and inspiration and realize their ideal.

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3D Printer,Dpower Aluminium Profile Extrusion 3D Printer DIY Kit with LCD Screen,TF Card and Plastic Wheel with Bearings[2017 NEW RELEASE]

How to assemble and install it?

Please refer the PDF document and video document of the TF Card(8GB) in the package.


Support Full Colors Filament :Red/white/black/green/transparent/yellow/orange/blue and so on Material:ABS,PLA,PHA,PETG,TPU,HIPS,WOOD and so on over 11 materials
New and Unique Technology:Full Metal no blocking Tronxy Design;Special-purpose wheels,works more smoothly and stably;Dual Z-Screws-Rods High Stable high precision;Two-in-one MKS heatbed,Heating fast without curve
Various Application:Education Field,Architecture Filed,Daily Necessities,Toy series,Tool Series,Fashion Accessories
Certification:CE,ROSH,FCC Certification guaranteed


If you have any problems in the process of assembly and use,Please feel free to contact us firstly,we will try our best to work with you.Thank you


Model: X3A
Print Size 220*220*300mm(Max)
Assembled Dimensions:480*480*500mm
Connectivity (Interface) USB, LCD display and SD card reader
LCD Screen:Support
Software: Repetier-host, Cura
File format printing: STL, G-code
Operation system: for XP, for WIN 7, for MAC
Software Language: English, Russian, Spanish, and so on
Printing support: Secure Digital Memory Card, USB
Print speed:20-180mm/s
Layer thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
Material diameter: 1.75mm
Nozzle temp:170-275 degree
Heatbed temp:40-110 degree
Print accuracy: X,Y axis 0.012mm Z axis 0.004mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm(default), 0.2mm, 0.3mm,0.5mm(optional)
Printing Material: PLA, ABS, HIPS, WOOD, PC, PVC,and more
Power:220V 20A
Printing support:MEMORY Card/USB
Color: Black
Plug type:UK


1*Full 3D printer kit

Product Features

  • INNOVATION:More Faster,Stable,Bigger and Accurate;Lower noise
  • COMPACT AND STYLISH DESIGN:Full Metal no blocking Tronxy Design;The 3D printer cabling reasonable so the appearance look clean and tidy
  • MORE ADVANCED:High power supply heating faster and the printing quality is better;Special-purpose wheels,works more smoothly and stably;Dual Z-Screws-Rods High Stable high precision;Two-in-one MKS heatbed,Heating fast without curve
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND USE:Most parts of the machine have been assembled, and we can provide a detailed video of installation,so the installation process will be simple and fast
  • VARIOUES APPLICATION:Used for Education,Architecture,Toy,Tool,Daily Necessities,Fashion Accessories and so on

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12″(300mm) Manual Acrylic Light Box Plastic PVC Bending Machine Heater, 1-6mm Thickness

• The acrylic bending machine heater is the core part of bending machine. You can assemble various kinds of ideal practical acrylic bender with this heater.
• Processing Material: Acrylic, Plastic, PVC, Plexiglass.
• Used for: This acrylic bending machine heater can be widely used in decoration engineering, sign making, display cabinet, aquarium wrapping, lighting LED channel letter, bending the supermarket shelves, curtain wall, large light box, acrylic plates and plastic plates.
• The acrylic bending machine heater can bend all kinds of plastic sheet. If the thickness of acrylic sheet is beyond 6mm, you can use two heaters heat the top and bottom of the sheet at the same time, or you need to cut a slot on the sheet.
• Portable, small occupation, low consumption and reliable operation;
• Circulating cooling water system can make sure other parts (no heating is required) won’t get thermal deformation.
• Free plugging and unplugging, easy to storage and assembles to worktable very conveniently;
• Straight appearance, the effective heating length is 310mm (12″).

Model: ABM-BT-300
Maximum Bending Width; 310mm (12″)
Power Supply: AC 100V – 240V, 50Hz or 60Hz
Heating Slot Width: 8mm (0.31″)
Heating Thickness: 1mm – 6mm (0.04″ – 0.24″)
Heater Size: 1.8″ x 1.8″ x 20.5″(45 x 45 x 520mm)
Heater packing size: 4.9” x 4.9” x 25.8″(125 x 125 x 655mm)
Box packing Size: 13.8” x 7.9” x 7.1”(350 x 200 x 180mm)
Gross Weight: 5kg

Temperature tips:
• The temperature at the central of heating tube is the highest, which can be up to 500°, and greater the distance from the central the lower the temperature.
• Actually, the appropriate temperature for bending acrylic is about 240°.
• The heater can work 24 hours a day on the circumstance that the water temperature is not high.

Product Features

  • Reasonable design, small size, compact structure and beautiful appearance;
  • Heat even and temperature adjustable;
  • With circulating cooling water system on both sides of heating pipe;
  • Power supply joint and waterpipe joint are at the same end;
  • The body is made of special aluminum extrusions.

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