50pcs Nickel Coated T-slot Nut Carbon Steel Silver Carbon Sliding Fastener for Aluminum Profile Accessories European Standard(EU30-M6)

Material: Carbon steel
Surface Finishing: Nickel plating
Type: EU20-M4, EU20-M5, EU30-M4, EU30-M5, EU30-M6 (Optional)
Quantity: 50pcs

Package Included:
50pcs x Nuts

Product Features

  • High quality carbon steel, high hardness and long service life
  • Nickel Coated surface for good rust resistance and better performance
  • Total 50pcs nut, M4, M5, M6 Thead, Silver tone
  • Easy to use and convenient to connect aluminum profiles to other parts
  • Suitable for European standard aluminum extrusion profiles: EU20 is used on profiles with 6mm slot, while EU30 is used on profiles with 8mm slot

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