UM2+3D Printer E3D Chimera Straight-through Extruder 2 In 2 Extrusion Head Aluminum Alloy Extruder

Ultimaker 2 UM2 Cross Slide +
Chimera Straight-through Extruder
Material: Cross Slide Aluminum Alloy, Black Sand Blast Oxidation All aluminum alloy
Process: CNC precision machining
Applicable to ultimaker 2 3D printers
Axis spacing: 18mm double top wire lock, easy to replace
Internal hollowing reduces the weight of aluminum alloy sliders
packing list:
Black cross slider 1
LM6LUU linear bearing 2 (or 8MM graphite copper sleeve)
M3 bolt 4
Feed fittings (4 or 6 tubes) default 4 tubes
UM2 ,E3D Chimera connected aluminum block 1 piece
E3D Chimera heat sink aluminum sheet 1 piece
E3D heated aluminum block 2
E3D pipe 2
E3D 1.75 0.4MM brass nozzle 2 (other specifications 0.2 0.3 0.5 contact customer service)
12V fan
12V heating rods, 2 thermistors
The second generation of aluminum alloy seamless fan cover 1

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